Losing Friends is OK
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Losing Friends is OK

Have you ever wondered why we lose friends as time goes by? Presumably, yes, since we all are social beings who get drawn to other people around us. That is why many of us are afraid to lose our friends, we cling on them finding it impossible to let them go when this moment comes.

However, everything is not that bad. Let’s look deeper into the aspect of changes. The point is that we are changing as we get older. We become better, attend various new places and meet new people. Nevertheless, for these changes to happen, you may need to break up with some of your old friends.

So, why is it normal to lose friends as we get older? 

The change of interests

The older you get, the more your interests and priorities differ from those of your youth. The same way, you will start defending your true values more fervently and passionately. Undoubtedly, such changes will influence the way you treat people around you.

You will set yourself some fresh standards and expectations, and you won’t let anyone in your life as easily as you’ve done it before.

In this respect, you may also notice that you are thirsty for new knowledge and find out that you are interested in things you’ve never thought you may like before. If this is a case, you may start attending various educational events, seminars, courses etc. with a lot of new people and opportunities around.

Why not broaden your horizon if life offers so many opportunities for it? Isn’t it merely fascinating that as time goes by, there are even more wonderful things to discover?  

As you get older, there will appear people in your life able to appreciate the things you do and say right now. Why wonder the fact that often such people take the place of friends you had to part with because your life views became too different?

You see, it is quite normal to leave people behind if they can’t keep your pace. The point is that in any relationship, you have to grow and become better; if some people prevent you from doing that, you should never regret they quit your life.

Getting experience  

The older you get, the more experienced you become. Experience lets you understand how to attract and keep really interesting people, which friends you can rely on and who are absolutely unreliable. This way, you may happen to realize that you simply don’t need some of these things anymore.

If you don’t share any mutual interest with this person but continue communicating just because you’ve got used to it, isn’t it better to let them go and start caring about things really meaningful to both of you?

Also, keep in mind that a bad experience is an experience, too. As they say, if it doesn’t give you the things you want, at least, you learn the things you’ll never let in your life again. Besides, exactly your hard times prove who is your genuine friend and who is just pursuing their own interest communicating with you.   

Thoughtful attitude towards your surrounding

Getting older you may lose some of your old friends, but you don’t have to feel disappointed about that. It doesn’t mean that you won’t make new friends, no way. Vice versa, the older we get, the more topics for conversations we have, new interests that are worth talking about, new places we’ve visited.

Do you really think that there would be no more interesting people to communicate with? On the contrary, relationships with new friends may be much more fascinating and juicier than old ones.

Besides, today’s world offers so many possibilities of getting in touch with very different people even without visiting faraway places.  

Lack of time  

The older you get, the more you come to grips with the fact that you have less time for amusement, if you have it at all. Depending on your occupation and many other factors of adult life, your life may definitely turn into a race with hurdles.

Anyway, you will start realizing that you have to wisely manage your time and do everything in time. This rule works for people around you as well. Sooner or later, you will understand who is worthy of your time and who is not.

Contempt for lies and insincerity

When you were younger, presumably, you didn’t criticize lies and insincerity too severely. Typically, children can lie sometimes and exaggerate a bit, even when they are talking with close friends.

However, as time goes by, we become less tolerant of these things. We cannot stand rudeness and deception anymore, and during quarrels with an insincere person we try to act as a “voice of consciousness.” Moreover, insincere people cannot be considered reliable partners and friends, and since our intentions and interactions with others become more serious with age, we cannot bear people who fail to comply with our requirements.

You will realize more often that you need meaningful talks, not resentful speeches or empty discussions. No wonder that you will try to surround yourself with people who are able to lead a meaningful conversation. Also, you will simply be able to see through an insincere friend. Once you understand that quality is better than quantity, your choice will also be evident.

To sum up, it is normal to lose friends with time. The most important thing you need to remember is that you should never take it personally. As your inner values and true interests change, you start realizing that your time is limited as well, so no wonder you want to spend it meaningfully with really interesting and close people.

Besides, you may also find out that some people are simply dragging you down and restricting your personal development. Without a doubt, such people are to be left behind since life is too precious to waste it on things or people making us worse.

Last but not least, remember that it is normal if somebody cannot move forward with you. It happens so because there are people in our life who are meant to teach us a definite lesson. Once a lesson is learned, this person is gone as their mission is completed.              

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