Top 7 Men’s Needs

Top 7 Men’s Needs

What do we mean by an ideal woman every man dreams of? Is she a perfect housewife, passionate lover, or caring mother of his children? Or maybe all these qualities combined? Every woman wants to know this secret formula to become a real mistress for her beloved one.

There are 7 main male needs that will help you to understand which female virtues men are looking for. Learn to combine them and you will have all the chances to become the only woman for your Prince Charming. 


This woman has the ability to listen to her partner, which is irreplaceable in a happy relationship. She is able to listen like no other person. She finds everything her man wants to tell her interesting and important, from problematic and difficult moments in his life up to incredible ideas he is full of. At the same time, she doesn’t need to be aware of all the details of his business or any other activity he is engaged in. It is necessary to be able to give your man a feeling that you are by his side, his main ally, and support at the moment when he really needs it.


This is a woman a man is proud of. He is proud of her appearance, of the fact that other men notice her but she belongs to him only. It is an ability to be charming for her man, to keep his interest alive. The art of evoking his true male nature – nature of a hunter, conqueror, and winner. The gift to remain attractive in any situation – on the first date, after 10 years of common life, both at home and an elite party.


Probably, you’ve heard the saying “There is a great woman behind every great man”. Many outstanding politicians, writers, scientists owe their success exactly to their women. So, who is this type of woman? What is her superpower? Firstly, in her ability to believe in her partner, inspire him, and admire him correctly.

Take some time and remind which words you use to express your admiration with the partner? Typical phrases like “you are the best,” “the strongest” remind us of the mother praising her child for a good deed. Receiving such praise, a man risks to return into childhood and become a child again. True admiration that will multiply man’s power and inspire for new achievements has nothing to do with praising the deed. It is all about admiration for what he has not done yet.

Admire the features you would like your man to have, those things he is just going to do. Do it sincerely, believe in him, and inspire by your faith. Only in this case will he believe your words and find the energy to develop and achieve everything you see in him.

Woman-fairy of coziness

This woman creates for her partner space where he is always waited for and accepted as he is, where he feels calm and is surrounded by family warmth. Even such simple routine components as ironed shirts, delicious meals, order, and tidiness that surround him at home give him an immense amount of energy. Such women turn the house into the source of strength, the place where a man wants to return to because he recovers there and gets inspiration for new accomplishments. Also, women-fairies manifest their feelings in a special manner, meet him with happiness, surround with warmth and care, fill the space with love. With such a woman behind, a man is always full of strength and energy.


This woman has learned to appreciate and love not only the man but herself. By her side, the man sees no other temptations. She is able to give her partner exactly the feelings that are important to him. It concerns not sexual life only, but all other spheres as well.

There is a widespread stereotype that men betray because they long exclusively for more sex. However, not always. Most often, in lovers, men are looking for those feelings they cannot get from their wives. Adultery may be caused by routine problems, lack of attention, under-estimation, and much more not physically based reasons. To avoid it, a woman should learn to treat herself in a proper way, turn off the “inner mother,” and start provoking her man into personal development. Women who can do this are not betrayed because self-development is one of the essential male needs.


It is a special gift – to transfer the feeling “I belong to one man only, I am behind him, I am only his woman.” This woman draws attention but remains unreachable at the same time. Can be attractive to all, but is devoted to his beloved man.

A woman can be really happy only if she loves and appreciates herself and belongs spiritually to one man only. In a relationship, such a woman serves her partner and, of course, gets his reciprocal adoration and support.


Should be distinguished from woman-partner. Woman-friend accepts a man as he is. With her, he can relax, put off his mask of a strong guy, and just be himself.

According to sad statistics, men are more prone to death from heart-vascular diseases than women. Mother nature created males strong to fight and win. But even the strongest men cannot stand the constant tension at work and home. That is why a woman should not only inspire men for development but also give him an opportunity to relax and have a rest by her side. Not to stop and degrade, but just to find new strength.

Always remain a mystery

In long-term relationships, women tend to complain that men are somewhat cold to them. Here, the point is very simple. Their men have simply lost a woman to conquer. Because many women start taking this union for granted, as something stable and unchangeable, they often stop looking after themselves and keeping fit.

There is a simple secret about how to avoid it. Throw away your home jeans or sweater and try to wear better clothes even at home. Some make-up, hear nicely done, the new scent of perfumes…This way, your man will always perceive you as a new woman, mysterious and hard to predict, not as usual, thus highly attractive and desired.   

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