She is Definitely on Your Hook

She is Definitely on Your Hook

Ever wondering if a girl likes you? Women are mysterious creatures, so check out what psychologists say about women’s verbal and non-verbal signals of affection.

The girl definitely likes you if she is

  • smiling at you;
  • glancing at you from time to time;
  • avoiding looking at you when you look at her;
  • looking into your eyes for a long time;
  • playing with her hair;
  • touching your hand or shoulder;
  • laughing when you talk or finding even stupid jokes funny;
  • showing her neck;
  • licking her lips;
  • leaning her head to you;
  • trying to face you while sitting;
  • patting some object in her hand.

Be careful not to misinterpret the signals

So, the main non-verbal signs of affection are smile, visual contact, and glances at you or in your side. But do not hurry to learn this list by heart. You should consider these signals in a definite situation. For this, you have to define at first what is typical of her behavior and what is not.

For example, if a bank employee is looking into your eyes and smiling at you, she is just being polite with you. This behavior is typical to all bank employees. If she is touching her hair and trying to touch your hand as if by mistake, it seems strange. This might be a sign of interest.

If a woman finds you attractive, she will always try to touch you as much as possible because she needs physical contact with a man she likes. She puts a hand on your shoulder during the talk, touches your chest as if pushing you away in a joking manner, tries to hug passing you by.

If a colleague is touching you, do not make hasty conclusions that she considers you as a potential father of her kids. Perhaps, she is an outgoing person, and she treats everyone like this. However, if she is somewhat cold with you, obviously she is interested in you.

Also, one signal is not enough! If you’ve noticed some signal, it doesn’t mean that the girl is ready to marry you. She just finds you interesting and won’t mind if you make the first step. It may be a talk, invitation for a dance, or a cup of coffee.   

 Ask for her phone number and ask her for a date. During the talk, you will get to know her better. If she likes being with you, she will continue sending non-verbal signals. Most probably, she will directly let you know that she doesn’t mind another date.

If the second date flows fine, too, you will notice further signals. For example, if the girl sits closer to you, physical contact is ok with her. Most likely, she won’t get offended if you take her hand or give her a gentle kiss on a cheek when the date is over.       

Verbal signs of her interest

If a girl likes you, she will be really interested in all the details of your day. She is worried about your mood, feelings and problems. If something bad happens to you, she gets upset and tries to support you. Care and attention are the innate qualities of a woman, aimed at a potential partner, this will manifest itself even on a dating site.

When she is calling you cute names, this is also a sign of affection. It may happen that the girl is afraid to express her feelings directly or doesn’t want to make the first move. But acting this way she is trying to make a boy take the first step.

The woman wants to know more about your hobbies. There are several reasons why girls are doing that: they want to find an approach, draw parallels with their interests, want to try the same things you like.

She is paying you compliments

It is a clear sign of attraction. Compliments may be obvious and hidden. If a girl is shy, she will pay you hidden compliments and you will need some time to understand them. A brave girl will tell you everything directly. Most often, they will praise you for the appearance and qualities of character.  

Your opinion is important to her

In general, if she likes the guy, he becomes her authority automatically. What dress to put on, how to reconcile with mother or a friend – these are some of the questions you may hear from the girl.  It is an obvious sign of trust and romantic feelings for an attractive man.

Quick answers

If you are texting her, she tries to answer you quickly or warns when she will be busy. She simply doesn’t want to lose her face and appreciates every moment spent together, even only through online communication. Usually, if a woman doesn’t find a man appealing, she can stay online for hours and give you no answer or answer very abruptly. That is why it is necessary to notice such punctuality and realize that it is a real sign of interest.

However, it may also happen that a girl negatively reacts to your words or tries to argue with you all the time. Do not be afraid of such behavior because very often it is the demonstration of feelings through the contrast method: it seems she doesn’t like or even hates you, but in reality, she just fights with you to win your attention. Also, remember that women do not argue about things they don’t fall for or with men they don’t care about.    

The signals women send when they don’t like a man

If she doesn’t look into your eyes during the talk, turns away, yawns, or starts talking to somebody else, do not think she is playing an Ice Queen. She just doesn’t find you interesting.

Once you notice these signals but still have doubts, ask her for a cup of coffee. If she agrees, everything is pretty clear. If she refuses and gives some reason, use the “Bred Pitt’s” rule. It will help you to define if the girl likes you.

Imagine that not you but Bred Pitt invited her for a date. Most likely, she would forget about all her plans and go to the cinema with him. If the girl likes you, she will try to change her plans and go with you. But perhaps she is really busy. Then she will offer you another day or time.

So, if she refuses to meet you and doesn’t suggest another time, most often it means she doesn’t find you attractive. You can ask her for a date in a couple of weeks again if you like her very much. But if she says “no” again – do not insist anymore. 

So what?

To sum up, it’s not difficult to understand whether a girl likes you or not. Just be attentive and notice how she behaves, both verbally and non-verbally. Besides, your heart and soul will always tell you more than your eyes can see. 

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